Welcome to Unicorn Jewellery

Unicorn Jewellery is a Place Where Unicorn Lovers Can Find that Something Special.

Gentle moonlight gives the forest clearing a magical silver sheen. There is no sound except the rustle of a light breeze in the tops of the trees, and the gentle gurgle of a stream emptying into a forest pool.

Silently, a beautiful white horse enters the clearing and from it's head can be seen sprouting the fabled horn of legend.

This is the home of the Unicorn.

Believed either completely mythical or totally extinct, the unicorn lives at the very edges of the human world.

Glimpsed occasionally by those unlucky enough to be lost in the deep forest, and then only briefly, for the Unicorn is a master of evasion.

As the forests shrink, they are seen less and less often, and no one believes the tale-teller if they make it back to tell their story.

The horn of the unicorn is believed to have magical properties, the extent of which we'll never know.

The beast itself is thought to be amongst the noblest of all mythical creatures, protector of the forest and of nature's secret waters and sacred groves.

They shun humans unless they are pure of heart and care for life above all things.

The unicorn is associated with the moon, and is seen as a protector of innocence.

However, the unicorn is also strong, and fast and powerful.

They are a universal symbol of goodness in a world that can seem cold and cruel.

Some believe the unicorns have not completely disappeared, but just wait until the day when people have grown kind again and put aside their quarrelsome ways to work with nature instead of against it.

Until then, those who wear unicorn jewellery know that these special creatures are still alive in our imaginations.

And perhaps even in the forgotten wild places where the waters are clean and fresh, the forests are untouched and the air is full of magic.